1.Outline of benefit and disadvantage on intraocular refractive surgery;略论眼内屈光矫正手术的利与弊
2.Endoscope-assisted transscleral sulcus fixation of sutured posterior chamber intraocular lenses;眼内内窥镜直视下经巩膜睫状沟后房型人工晶体缝合固定
3.Objective To compare spectacle magnification and visual acuity in highly myopic phakic eyes corrected by anterior chamber intraocular lenses (IOLs) and eyes corrected with spectacles.同时,根据Gullstrand模型眼理论计算植入眼内的负度数IOLs与相应戴框架镜片状况下视网膜像放大率的变化,评价透镜的屈光度放大率与视力提高之间的关系。

1.Cataract :Opacity of the eye's crystalline lens. Cataracts causing central visual-field defects are most likely to affect vision.白内障:表现为眼内水晶体混浊的眼科
2.Sympathetic Ophthalmia Caused by Ocular Penetration with Endophthalmitis眼球穿孔伴化脓性眼内炎导致的交感性眼炎
3.· RESULTS: The 1g/L azone eyedrops did not affect the IOP./L氮酮滴眼液对兔眼内压无影响。
4.Establishment of Exogenous Aspergillus Fumigatus Endophthalmitis in Rabbit Eye Model;兔眼外源性烟曲霉性眼内炎模型建立
5.Antibiotic Compositae and Quality Standard in Treating Traumatic Endophthalmitis;外伤性眼内眼内抗生素复方及质量标准
6.The ophthalmoscope made it possible to look inside the eye and relate eye defects to internal conditions.检视眼内构造的检眼镜之发明,使得眼医可以把眼部缺陷与眼内科情况联系起来考虑;
7.Intraocular ciprofloxacin levels after intravenous injection in patients with endophthalmitis and perforating injury of eyeball静脉注射后环丙沙星在眼内炎及眼球穿通伤患者眼内的药物水平
8.Treatment for 6 cases of endophthalmitis secondary to phacoemulsification白内障超声乳化吸出后感染性眼内
9.Treatment of endophthalmitis following cataracta surgery by vitrectomy combined with intraocular injection of vancomycin玻璃体切除联合眼内注射万古霉素治疗白内障术后眼内
10.Any of a group of eye diseases characterized by abnormally high intraocular fluid pressure, damaged optic disk, hardening of the eyeball, and partial to complete loss of vision.青光眼一种眼疾,症状是眼内液体压力超常的高,眼膜受损,眼球硬化,部分以至完全丧失视力
11.Modification of one-step method placement of orbital implant after evisceration眼内容物摘除术后义眼座Ⅰ期植入的改良方法
12.A study of the cellular response in the anterior segment of the eye to the surface of the collagen intraocular contact lens after ICL implantation in rabbit eyes胶原性眼内接触镜植入兔眼术后细胞学反应
14.The orbital periosteum is elevated from medial wall of the orbir.眼眶骨膜从眼眶内侧壁剥离。
15.Periocular basal cell carcinoma is most commonly found on the lower eyelid and medial canthus.基底细胞癌好发于下眼睑及内眼眦。
16.intravital cryopencll玻璃体内冷冻冰(眼用)
17.Orbital emphysema is a common presentation of orbital fractures, and it is generally a benign, self-limited condition.眼框气肿是眼框骨折常见的症状之一,特别是眼框内壁或眼底骨折。
18.Results Totally 12 eyes were included,8 eyes were misdiagnosed as uveitis,1 eye as cataract and 3 eyes as vitreous turbidness.结果  12眼被误诊为葡萄膜炎 8眼、白内障 1眼、玻璃体浑浊 3眼。

1.Endoscope-assisted transscleral sulcus fixation of sutured posterior chamber intraocular lenses;眼内内窥镜直视下经巩膜睫状沟人工晶体缝合固定
3)intraocular pressure眼内压
1.A comparative study in effects of acetazolamide and apraclonidine on the control of intraocular pressure following phacoemulsification;超声乳化白内障吸除术后乙酰唑胺和阿可乐宁控制眼内压效果的比较
2.Degradation of chitosan film under rabbit scleral flap and its effect on intraocular pressure;壳聚糖膜在兔眼巩膜瓣下的降解及对眼内压的影响
3.The effects of experimental aqueous replacement with various amounts of different perfluorodecalin liquids on the intraocular pressure in rabbits;不同量的全氟萘烷置换房水对眼内压影响的实验研究
1.The study of ratio measurement about degree of enophthalmos and traumatic expansion of orbital volume behind the axis of the globe;眼轴线后部眶容积增大与眼球内陷比值的测定研究
2.Clinic studies on functional repositioning operation of enophthalmos of orbital fractures;眼眶骨折眼球内陷功能性复位手术的临床观察
3.The application on operation of orbital reconstruction and reposition of enophthalmos using Medpor;Medpor在眼眶重建和眼球内陷复位手术中的应用
5)intraocular foreign bodies眼内异物
1.Application of the vitrectomy for extraction of intraocular foreign bodies.;玻璃体切除在眼内异物摘出术中的应用
2.Value of spiral CT and multi planar reconstruction in intraocular foreign bodies location and measuring.;螺旋CT多平面重建在眼内异物定位和测量中的价值
3.Vitrectomy for posterior segment intraocular foreign bodies and retinal detachment.;玻璃体切除术治疗后段眼内异物及视网膜脱离
1.Therapeutic effect of post cataract extraction endophthalmitis by anterior chamber irrigation and vancomycin-injecting;前房冲洗联合万古霉素前房注射治疗白内障术后早期眼内
2.Timing of intraocular lens implantation for children with traumatic cataract and endophthalmitis;儿童外伤性白内障眼内炎患者人工晶状体植入时机的选择
3.Vitrectomy in treating infective endophthalmitis after IOL implantation;玻璃体手术治疗人工晶状体植入术后感染性眼内

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