1.Relationship between evoked potential and recovery after isoflurane anesthesia;诱发电位与异氟醚麻醉后苏醒的关系
2.Evoked potentials in monitoring recovery of desflurane anesthesia;诱发电位监测地氟醚麻醉后苏醒
3.Effect of doxapram in recovery after painless endoscopy;佳苏伦改善无痛内镜患者的苏醒质量

1.Look! She came back to life.看!她苏醒过来了。
2.We've sprung to life.我们一下苏醒过来。
3.The boy didn't come to for two days.这男孩两天未苏醒过来。
4.She found him just recovering his consciousness.她发现他刚刚苏醒过来。
5.Happily Snow White came to herself.幸好,白雪公主苏醒过来。
6.The city is waking up.这座城市刚苏醒过来。
7.The doctor restored him to life.医生使他苏醒过来。
8.It was a long time before he came round.他过了很久才苏醒过来。
9.Upon being revived, he was questioned;他苏醒后被审问了一番;
10.Gordon came to slowly after the traffic accident.车祸后戈登慢慢苏醒
11.The patient rallied from the coma.病人从昏迷中苏醒过来。
12.They dashed water into his face to revive him他们朝他脸上泼水,使他苏醒
13.When I aroused, it was as after centuries of time.待我苏醒过来,好似已经过了几个世纪。
14.Bring sb. to by artificial aspiration进行人工呼吸使某人苏醒过来
15.When I emerged, the lights were still there.当我苏醒过来的时候,那些灯仍然亮着。
16.When he regained consciousness, he found himself in hospital.当他苏醒过来时,发现自己在医院里。
17.I awoke in recovery to the sound of whispers.周围有低低的说话声,我苏醒过来。
18.Some cold water on her face should bring her to her senses脸上泼些凉水能使她苏醒过来。

1.Predicting awakening of unconscious patients with EEG nonlinear analysis脑电非线性分析用于意识障碍苏醒预测
4)Come to one's senses醒悟;苏醒
5)awakening time苏醒时间
1.Effect of awakening time during total intravenous remifentanil-propofol anesthesia to patients with thoracic surgery;瑞芬太尼与丙泊酚全凭静脉麻醉对开胸手术患者苏醒时间的影响
2.Objective To study the effect of different matching doses of propofol-remifentanil on awakening time.目的探讨不同剂量丙泊酚与瑞芬太尼配伍应用对全身麻醉苏醒时间的影响。
3.Objective:To observe and compare the influence of two different anesthesias on the homodynamic and awakening time of patients over 60 receiving thoracic surgery.目的:比较单纯全麻和硬膜外复合全麻在60岁以上老年患者开胸手术中对患者血流动力学和苏醒时间的影响。
6)recovery period苏醒期
1.Feasibility and efficacy of the preoperative dredging psychotherapy on patients’cooperation during recovery period of general anethesia;评价术前心理疏导提高苏醒期操作配合的可行性及有效性
2.Inserting catheter after the inducement of general anesthesia enhances the restlessness in elderly patients in anesthesia recovery period;全麻诱导后置导尿管增加中老年患者麻醉苏醒期躁动
3.Objective To study the incidence and risk factors of emergence agitation during the recovery period of general anaesthesia in children.目的探讨全麻苏醒期患儿躁动的发病情况及其危险因素。