1.Implantation of ocular prosthetic stand in posterior muscle pyramid surrounded by dissociated scleral valves with rectus;带直肌游离巩膜瓣后肌锥义眼座植入术
2.Expression of 5 muscarinic receptor subtypes in the scleral tissue of immature guinea pigs;正常幼龄豚鼠巩膜组织毒蕈碱受体五种亚型的表达
3.Effects of stress level on biomechanical properties of sclera in ped-rabbit;不同应力水平对幼兔巩膜生物力学特性的影响

1.Diathermy applied to the deeper layers of sclera combined with extermal scleral buckle for the treatment of retinal detachment巩膜层间电凝联合巩膜外加压治疗视网膜脱离
2.Treated retinal detachment by transcleral cryosurgery combined with external scleral buckle巩膜外冷凝联合巩膜扣带术治疗视网膜脱离
3.The sclera was not icteric. The heart and lung was normal.巩膜无黄染.心肺正常
4.Smoking delays the response to treatment in episcleritis and scleritis吸烟可延迟巩膜外层炎及巩膜炎对治疗的反应
5.The Study on Biomechanical Properties of Sclera After Posterior Sclera Reinforcement Operation;后巩膜加固术后巩膜生物力学性能的研究
6.Clinical observation of hydroxyapatite implantation in and behind scleral shell巩膜内与改良巩膜后义眼台植入术临床观察
7.cauterization of sclera with peripheral iridectomy巩膜灼烙术合并周边虹膜切除术
8.Observation of the closure of vitrectomy sclera wound with osseous nail骨性巩膜钉封闭玻璃体切除术后巩膜创口实验观察
9.Scleral and corneal laceration with iris prol-apse caused by an eagle claw鹰爪抓伤所致的巩膜和角膜裂伤伴虹膜脱出
10.surgical incision of the sclerotic coat of the eye.把眼睛的巩膜切开的手术。
11.Jaundice, seen best in the sclerae, is an important sign.黄胆以巩膜处最明显,这是重要的迹象。
12.Simple fixation on artificial eye mount of auto sclera in 16 cases自体巩膜义眼座固定简易手术16例
13.To discuss the mechanism of scleral expansion in therapying the presbyopia.探讨巩膜扩张术治疗老视的机理。
14.An improved technique in sublaminal sclera biting operation改良式板层下巩膜咬切术的临床研究
15.An Experimental Study of Absorbable Scleral Buckling Materials;可吸收性巩膜外垫压材料的实验研究
16.Clinical observation of posterior scleral marsupialization on treating absolute glaucoma后巩膜开窗减压术治疗绝对期青光眼
17.The dark-brown vascular coat of the eye between the sclera and the retina.眼睛巩膜和视网膜之间深褐色的血管网.
18.The reason that was failure is scar of between sclera lamella and bulbe r conjunctiva.手术失败的主要原因是巩膜瓣间、球结膜瘢痕化。

1.Effect of TGF-β_2 on guinea pig scleral fibroblast culture in vitro;TGF-β_2对体外培养豚鼠巩膜成纤维细胞的影响
2.Intraocular lens suture fixation through scleral tunnels incision;巩膜隧道切口在缝线人工晶状体植入术中的应用
3.Analysis on curative effects of modified posterior scleral reinforcement surgery for treating progressive myopia;改良后巩膜加固术治疗进展性近视疗效分析
4)sclera flap巩膜瓣
1.Observation on the effect of trabeculectomy with big sclera flap;巩膜瓣制作对小梁切除术后早期滤过功能的观察
2.Clinical observation of the releasable sclera flap sutures in trabeculectomy;巩膜瓣可调整缝线在小梁切除术中的临床观察
3.Clinical efficiency of the glaucoma trabeculectomy applying tunnel knife for making sclera flap combined with mitomycin C;小梁切除术中应用隧道刀制作巩膜瓣联合丝裂霉素C的临床观察
5)scleral thickness巩膜厚度
1.Objective To investigate the influence of high levels TGF-β1 on scleral thickness and expression of MMP-2 and TIMP-2 in order to explore the role of TGF-β1 in scleral remodeling and the possible mechnism.目的采用转化生长因子-β1(TGF-β1)转基因小鼠,研究高水平的TGF-β1对巩膜厚度以及基质金属蛋白酶-2(MMP-2)、基质金属蛋白酶抑制剂-2(TIMP-2)水平的影响,以探讨TGF-β在巩膜重塑中的作用及可能的机制。
6)allo sclera异体巩膜
1.To evaluate the effect of first-phase eyelid reconstruction with allo sclera and skating bulbar conjunctival flap after resection of malignant tumor of eyelid.采用眼睑全层缺损行异体巩膜片移植,替代睑板、滑行球结膜瓣前徙替代睑结膜的眼睑再造术,对31例眼睑恶性肿瘤切除,同时进行眼睑再造术。

巩膜    巩膜    眼球壁外膜的主要组成之一,是一层纤维膜,由胶原和弹性纤维所构成,不透明,又因血管极少故呈瓷白色,约占眼球后部的5/6,其前方与角膜相连。